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The National Burial Index (NBI) compliments the International Genealogical Index (IGI) (which is mainly a searching aid to births/christenings and marriages). The NBI contains over 13 million names of people buried in England and Wales between 1538 and 2004. It is compiled by the Federation of Family History Societies, with the first edition having been released in 2001. The intention is to produce a cumulative edition at around three yearly intervals.

The NBI contains entries from over four thousand parish, non-conformist and cemetery burial registers. Coverage however varies considerably from county to county and from period to period.

  Information Provided

NBI Index Entries

  • Deceased Forename, Deceased Surname, Burial Date, Age, Place and County where Burial Recorded

Always check out the original source

  • The National Burial Index is exactly what it says - an INDEX. It should be used in conjunction with other research. Wherever possible the original source (or a copy of it) should be examined.
    Patchy coverage
  • Coverage in the second edition of the NBI varies significantly from county to county and from period to period. A few counties (e.g. Carmathenshire) have no entries. Some have only a few entries (e.g. Montgomeryshire with just 22 entries from a single parish). Other counties such as Lincolnshire have hundreds of thousands of entries covering a multitude of parishes.
  Access NBI
  • The National Burial Index is provided on 2 CD-ROMs. It can be ordered (at a cost of £45) from the online bookshop operated by the Federation of Family History Societies. Many Record Offices and Local Studies Centres have the NBI loaded onto their computers.
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