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  Who are we ?
  Suzanne and Richard Brown - a couple who have recently retired. Suzanne is the keen genealogist and Richard likes playing with computers. Richard wouldn't know what a census record is if it was staring him in the face while Suzanne likes to keep her knowledge of computers to the minimum necessary to get by. In all a handy combination for a site like this!
  What was the motivation for developing the site ?

When he retired, Richard was keen to try his hand at developing a web site that would be of genuine use to those visiting it. One of Richard's bugbears (he's a bit of a Victor Meldrew at times!) was the poor navigation on too many web sites and he was keen to see if he could develop a site that was easy to navigate around. For her part, Suzanne regretted that when she started off tracing her family history she was unaware of all the information available to her and where and how to access it. She wasted a lot of time and effort as a consequence.

  What will be the motivation for maintaining the site in the future?
  That depends on you. If sufficient numbers find this site useful enough to visit more than just the once then we will make every effort to keep it up to date (and to extend it where applicable). If there is little sustained interest in the site, then frankly it deserves to die. It either proves itself to be a genuinely useful site or it doesn't.
  How is it financed ?
  Currently it is costing us very little apart from our time (which having just retired, we've got plenty of). The charges for hosting the site are surprisingly low - less than a packet of cigarettes per month. Since neither of us smoke, it's an expense we can comfortably afford!
This page last updated: 18 March 2006