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This site has been set up to provide guidance on WHERE to find information on your ancestors in England and Wales.

Where to Start


If you are a new to tracing your English and/or Welsh ancestors then you are well advised to look at this section first. It provides a methodical step-by-step approach to successfully tracing the English and Welsh side of your family tree.

Sources of Information
      This section describes the main sources of information for family historians tracing their English and Welsh pedigree. For each source it details where to access it and how to use it. In addition to the key sources (General Register of Births Marriages and Deaths, Census Returns, International Genealogical Index (IGI), National Burial Index, Parish Registers and Wills) this section also covers Criminal Records, Education Records, Electorial Registers, Emigration Records, Manorial Records, Military Records, Newspapers, Non Parochial Registers, Occupational Records and Trade and Professional Directories.
Researching from Home
      This section details the rapidly growing body of genealogical information that can readily be accessed in the comfort of your own home. In addition to the wealth of information available over the internet (Census Returns, International Genealogical Index, Parish Registers, War Casualty Records, Emigration Records, etc.), this section also covers family history information available on CD-ROMs, microfiche and book publications.
Local Centres of Information
      This section details county and other locally based repositories of genealogical information. On a county-by-county basis it provides contact details for the local Record Offices, the principal council run Local Studies Centres, the local Family History Societies and the Local History Societies. For each Record Office it indicates the area covered if there is more than one office within the county (very pertinent in the case of Yorkshire!) and provides a breakdown of the level of information held on the Record Office's web site. This section also includes a page on the 80 plus Family History Centres spread across England and Wales. These local centres are effectively branches of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah and as such provide access to worldwide genealogical information including a wealth of information specific to England and Wales.
National Centres of Information
      For each of the key national repositories of genealogical information in England and Wales (National Archives, Family Record Centre, Probate Registry, British Library, National Library of Wales, Society of Genealogists, Institute of Heraldic & Genealogical Studies), this section describes the main categories of information held, services provided and contact/access details. It also provides contact details for the Federation of Family History Societies and for special interest family history societies (occupational, Catholic, Jewish, nonconformist, etc.).
Record Keeping
      This section will in future be expanded to cover all aspects of record keeping associated with tracing family trees.
General Information
      This is a "catch-all" section for information that does not naturally fit into any of the other sections on the site. It contains information about those responsible for the site, how to contact them and what the site objectives are. It currently also contains links to family history societies in Australia and 5 of the states in the USA (this list of USA links is currently under development).
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